In Monopoly deal, can you use a wild card as part of changing rent on two property groups in the same turn?

For example, at the start of the turn, I have already played (on the table):

  • 1 blue property
  • 1 red property
  • 1 wild multicolor property (associated with the blue)

After drawing my cards, can I do the following?

  • 1st move - a blue rent card, with 2 properties on blue (one of which is the wild)
  • Free action - Move the wild card to red.
  • 2nd move - a red rent, with 2 properties on red (one of which is the same wild)

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This is a legal play. You can move a wild property between sets on your turn, including in between charging rents, and doing so does not require an action.

The only thing from the rules governing property rearranging is the following:

You can only reorganize your property collection on your turn.

From this we can deduce:

  1. You can reorganize property on your turn, including moving wilds between sets.

  2. It is not an action (the game's notion of "action" is playing a card, and moving property around does not require playing any cards from your hand).

  3. There are not limits on how many times a turn you can rearrange property.

A proper view of the turn structure looks something like this:

  1. [Can rearrange property]

  2. Draw two cards (or five if your hand is empty)

  3. [Can rearrange property]

  4. Play card 1 (optional)

  5. [Can rearrange property]

  6. Play card 2 (optional)

  7. [Can rearrange property]

  8. Play card 3 (optional)

  9. [Can rearrange property]

  10. Discard down to 7 cards.

  11. [Can rearrange property]

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