I just want to know this because I don't think it works. The effect of Illegal Knight has you target up to 2 cards your opponent controls and summon it to their field and if you did bounce it back to their hand, so if I have Number 59 Crooked Cook on the field would the effect of Illegal Knight to summon on my field and then bounce it back work. I know it will still summon to my field but will it stil bounce my card?

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The ability of Number 59 Crooked Cook has the requirement that it's controller has no other cards on the field, which means that Illegal Knight transferring control deactivates it's protection from other cards' effects.

When resolving effects with multiple steps you re-evaluate the board at each point which means Illegal Knight will return Number 59 Crooked Cook to your hand.

Unfortunately because this happens in the middle of resolving Illegal Knight's ability you cannot activate Number 59 Crooked Cook's (Quick Effect) to destroy Illegal Knight.

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