I opened 1 Heart & my partner promptly responded 2 NT. How many points does my partner have & what is the shape of his hand?

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As with any bidding question, this depends on your partnership agreements. Without discussion, in the US I'd assume this is Jacoby 2NT (see for example the Standard American Yellow Card booklet). Partner shows four hearts and game-forcing values.

With a good five-card side suit, bid it at the 4 level. Otherwise, with a short suit (singleton or void), bid it at the 3 level. Otherwise, with a minimum bid 4H, with some extras (15-17) bid 3NT, or with significant extras (18+) bid 3H.

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    Just to outline various alternatives: most experts play other variants of Jacoby 2N with a more complicated set of responses and or a lower minimum strength (but usually still 4+ hearts) for responder. Some players, mostly novices who haven't learned Jacoby 2N but also some experts who prefer alternatives to Jacoby 2N, play 2N as showing a balanced hand, either agreed to be invitational (about 10-12) or agreed to be game forcing (12+ or so) or agreed to be stronger (15+ or so - this is sometimes called Baron). There are yet other more exotic alternative agreements. Nov 26, 2022 at 0:18

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