I have a copy of Greven, Predator Captain that says his creature type is Human Warrior. I know that he is a Phyrexian in-lore, and the link says his creature type is Phyrexian Human Warrior. Does this mean that I could use mana generated by The Seedcore's second ability:

{T}: Add one mana of any color. Spend this mana only to cast Phyrexian creature spells.

to cast Greven, even though the card itself does not give him the Phyrexian sub-type?

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Yes, Greven, Predator Captain is Phyrexian, so you can cast him using mana generated by The Seedcore.

Rule 108.1 says

Use the Oracle card reference when determining a card’s wording. A card’s Oracle text can be found using the Gatherer card database at Gatherer.Wizards.com.

The link Greven, Predator Captain shows the most official and up-to-date information about the card's text. That page says that the card is Phyrexian, so it is.


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