There is a fair number of answers all over the web about the dimensions of the regular playing cards in Dominion (91x59 mm). However there are a large number of other cards in the expansions etc. I'm trying to design a box to hold everything but I do not own all the expansions (yet).

Does anybody have the dimensions (HxWxT) of all the other cards and a count of how many of each card there are currently?

I'm talking about things like (but not limited to) the Landscape, Boon cards etc. but also would appreciate dimensions of other things that you would deem necessary to store in a single box.

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Landscape-style cards in Dominion have the same exact size as regular Dominion cards; they're printed on the same card base. They are designed to be shuffled in along with the randomizer deck for the regular cards in order to randomize which cards + non-cards are used in each game.

There are several types of these landscape cards. Here is a list, along with the number that exist for each:

  • Ally (23)
  • Artifact (5)
  • Boon (12)
  • Event (69)
  • Hex (12)
  • Landmark (21)
  • Project (20)
  • State (13)
  • Trait (15)
  • Way (20)

Grand total of 210 of these cards as of the the Plunder expansion.

Aside from these, there are also several playing mats in the game, which a storage solution would ideally also have room for:

  • Island, Pirate Ship, and Native Village mats (6 each): 82×126mm
  • Trade Route mat (1): 80×80mm
  • Victory token player mat (8): 80×80mm
  • Tavern player mat (6): 125×82mm
  • Trash mat (1): 190×102mm
  • Coffers player mat (6): 126×84mm
  • Coffers / Villagers player mat (6): 84×128mm
  • Exile player mat (6): 128x84mm
  • Favors player mat (6): 127x84mm

All information from http://wiki.dominionstrategy.com/index.php/Card_types and http://wiki.dominionstrategy.com/index.php/Mat#Player_mats.

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