I have a Wurmcoil Engine. My opponent casts Reprobation on it, making it a 0/1 Coward without any abilities.

If the Wurmcoil Engine dies, do I get the tokens it would generate? The specific text on the card says “put into the graveyard from the battlefield” - so does it enter the graveyard as a Wurmcoil Engine or as a Coward due to the Reprobation?

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    Note that Wurmcoil Engine does not use the phrasing "put into the graveyard from the battlefield" any more; the Oracle text is "When Wurmcoil Engine dies" and the Oracle text is all that matters. May 6 at 16:33
  • In this case, the different Oracle text doesn't make a difference in the outcome. The rules define "dies" to mean "is put into a graveyard from the battlefield" (700.4).
    – murgatroid99
    May 6 at 16:55


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