Playing the legends of Andor, we are asked to transport wood logs to reconstruct villages.

The rules state [my translation from french]:

  1. The logs are placed on the hero board, on the cells left of the cube indicating the hero strength.
    "Les Rondins sont placés sur la fiche du Héros, sur les cases situées à gauche du cube indiquant le nombre de ses Points de Force."
    Example: to carry a second log, the hero need at least 3 of strength.

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If I have 3 of strength, so the cube on the "3", how could 2 logs be put there?

enter image description here

To me, either we would need force 5 (so there are 4 spaces to place the logs, because each of them have the size of 2 stength cells). or We would need force 4, by placing the logs on top.

I don't understand how placing the logs left, we could place 2 logs having 3 of strength.

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I saw that part in the French rulebook too, and I assume it's actually a translation mistake.

If you look at the same passage in the English rulebook:

The logs are placed on the hero board’s strength point track — fitting to the left of the cube that indicates the strength points. Example: To be able to carry a “2” log, the hero needs at least 3 strength points.

So it should not be read as "to be able to carry a second log", but instead as "to be able to carry a log of size 2".

  • All right, that makes sense. Thank you Sep 1, 2023 at 18:23

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