My wife and I played a game of Forbidden Island last night. She got the Navigator adventurer, and I was the Explorer.

The Navigator's special ability is that it can move any other player up to 2 adjacent tiles. "Adjacent" usually means up/down/left/right, however the Explorer's special ability is that it can move diagonally too, so: Can the navigator move the explorer to adjacent diagonal tiles, or just the standard up/down/left/right?

(I hope the answer is 'yes', as we just managed to win assuming 'yes' to the above with just 2 tiles left when we got off Fools Landing!)

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Good question! And fortunately for you, the answer is "yes", as per these clarifications by Matt Leacock, the designer of the game:

The Navigator can move the Diver up to 2 adjacent tiles. The first tile may be missing. The second tile may not be missing because the Diver must end her turn on a tile.

When the Navigator moves the Explorer to adjacent spaces, he may move him diagonally.

The Navigator moves the Pilot to adjacent spaces like any other adventurer. (The Pilot can't take advantage of his special ability when the Navigator moves him.)


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