I have two closely related questions about "districts" in Ticket to Ride: London.

  1. How are districts defined?
  2. How many points do you get for completing a district?
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"What are districts in the game Ticket to Ride: London?"

Quoting from the official rules:

A District is made up of Locations of the same colour and number.

For example (and in fact the example used in the rules), Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tralfalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus make up a district as they are the four locations on the board marked with a green "2".

"How do we get to know about the points we gain from a district?"

The very next sentence in the rules is

This number is also the Points value of the District.

e.g. you score 2 points for the Buckingham Palace/Big Ben/Tralfalgar Square /Piccadilly Circus district, because it is marked with a "2". Covent Garden and the British Museum would score you only 1 point, because it is marked with a "1".

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