What happens if neither player can pick up one of the laid cards due to a lack of resources? Is there some kind of order based on which they must be placed because the rules of the game do not say this?

  • This is not quite a duplicate question but might be a similar misunderstanding of the rules. This question was from a player who thought discarding a card for money was one that they had built rather one they built. boardgames.stackexchange.com/questions/28396/… Feb 6 at 9:51

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On your turn, you always have three choices:

  1. Construct the Building
  2. Discard the card to obtain coins
  3. Construct a Wonder

If you don't have the resources to actually construct the building or put it towards a Wonder, you can always discard it for 2 coins plus one coin for every yellow card in your city.

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