Will i gain life if someone is attacking and they create a tapped and attack token


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The relevant trigger for the ability is "whenever a creature attacks", which is defined as declaring a creature as an attacker during the Declare Attackers step. Creature tokens which get put onto the battlefield "tapped and attacking" are never actually declared attackers (or get tapped for that matter) - at the time they are created, they are already attacking and tapped.

Rules for declaring attackers are defined in CR508, in particular sections .3 and .4 (emphasis mine).

508.3a An ability that reads “Whenever [a creature] attacks, . . .” triggers if that creature is declared as an attacker. Similarly, “Whenever [a creature] attacks [a player or planeswalker], . . .” triggers if that creature is declared as an attacker attacking that player or planeswalker. Such abilities won’t trigger if a creature is put onto the battlefield attacking.

508.4 ...[creatures put onto the battlefield attacking] are “attacking” but, for the purposes of trigger events and effects, they never “attacked.”

  • Cuz the judge at my card shop said yes cuz the card reads when ever a creature attacks i gain 1 doesnt matter about declare and orim prayer says when ever a creature attacks you as in declared as a attack on u u gain 1 from prayer Commented Feb 20 at 14:00
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    @KneelBe4Zodd the judge was wrong. Refer them to CR 508.3a; the creature was never declared as an attacker. Commented Feb 20 at 14:33
  • I see that but that says when attack you, that happens… my card it when a creature attacks, you gain 1 Commented Feb 20 at 15:59
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    @KneelBe4Zodd There's no difference. "When a creature attacks" occurs at the time it's declared an attacker. You can't just choose to set off a "when attacks" trigger at any time while a creature is attacking. Commented Feb 20 at 16:04
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    @KneelBe4Zodd I'm not sure what point you're making: your creature has not attacked as defined by the rules of the game. Commented Feb 20 at 17:02

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