Rookie question for Warhammer 40K 10th Edition rules.

It sounds like all official 10th edition Games Workshop tournaments are using the Leviathan game format for tournament play, is that correct? If so, the Leviathan Tournament Companion (available as a free download off the Community site) states that you have to select your mission from the "Leviathan Mission Pack" and it indicates there are 15 so-called Leviathan Missions in this. Unfortunately the Leviathan Tournament Companion doesn't mention what these 15 missions are.

I searched the Games Workshop website and found a Leviathan Mission Deck which looks like its those 15 missions (keep me honest!) but it's sold out online. So I ask: how does one obtain the 15 (???) missions of the Leviathan Mission Deck, so they can prepare for Leviathan Tournament play, if they are all sold out?

  • Do you see availability at the well known retailer named after a river? That shows as available for me (as does the GW site for shipping to the UK, but I appreciate that's not particularly helpful for you) Commented Mar 29 at 20:08
  • Yeah @Philip Kendall there's 14 left in stock -- doesn't that strike you as alarming?! What am I missing here?! Isn't WH40K like huge? With gazillions of followers/players... Commented Mar 30 at 0:56
  • shrug, lots of Amazon is just a storefront for other sellers these days. In that case, it's "MTGbiz" who have 14 copies. While GW's supply to the US has always been a bit hit-and-miss, I'm sure either you or your FLGS can obtain a copy. Commented Mar 30 at 8:27

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The mission pack is still available from multiple retailers, it's just that the Games Workshop US website has no stock as of March 2024. For example, the Games Workshop UK site does have stock, as do multiple third party retailers both in the UK and the US. If you have an FLGS, ask them if they can get you a copy.

That all said, there's a very well known website in the 40k community which contains all the 40k rules, including the Leviathan mission pack. I'm not going to link it here because it is a copyright violation, but a little bit of searching with your favourite search engine will find it for you.


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