Can a players trade with another player unlimited times in his same turn?

For example: This is turn of player1 and he trades with player2 1:3 cards and than trade with player3 1:3 and than again trade with player2 in a loop. in this situation player 1 can start his turn with one card and finish his turn with 15+ cards.

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    You used the house rules tag, but you never elaborated why the default rules wouldn't suffice; needless to say, you can house-rule anything. What were you trying to do with that? Mar 31 at 15:19
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    Could you give an actual situation where player2 and player3 would engage in this behaviour? Mar 31 at 18:10
  • @PhilipKendall uff, purely hypothetically speaking: assume the extremely unlikely case that all three players monopolized one resource. So, nobody is winning, they refuse to trade with each other unless the trade guarantees the game is decided next turn with them not losing. The point where all have amassed a massive stockpile of their resources has come, and player 1 was lucky that he's got the highest-demand resource. Player 1 has 7 victory points, Player 2 has 8, due to having the longest road. Player 2 monopolizes brick, so that nobody else could build a road longer than his. However, the Apr 2 at 15:35
  • other players are able to win, because they've traded in the past and have a hand full of development cards. In this situation, the information that each player has is incomplete, as they do not know which dev cards the others hold. They're taking bets. So, player 2 is willing to trade with player 1 exactly such that player 1 still lacks a sigle resource to finish a road longer than his. Player 3 sees that player 2 gets into possession of the resources needed to buy enough development cards to win, and needs to start doing counteroffers to make sure Player 2 doesn't win. Player 1 gets a lot of Apr 2 at 15:40
  • resources, that way, but none that they need – essentially, an excess of 3 of each resource but brick. Not enough to do maritime trade to get brick to build a road or a settlement. That makes 5 resources times 3, 15 cards. This game seems more like a mixture of poker, blackjack and Russian Roullette, but, I mean, whatever floats your boat. Apr 2 at 15:43

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Yes, you may trade as many times as you want.

In the exhaustive rules on trading from the Almanac section of the current game rules, you can find the following rule:

You may trade as long as you have resource cards.

If that's not clear enough for some reason, the entire section doesn't mention any limits either, and if there were any restrictions on the amount of legal trades per turn, it would be mentioned there.

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