I have come across similar auctions a few times but have not been able to figure out what the convention is. Will be thankful if someone can help.

N. E. S. W
P. P. 1D  P
1H p. 1S. P
2c p

2c is Alert asking partner to bid 2d and may hide a weak hand with diamonds or an invitational hand. Thanks

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This is the XYZ convention. It applies when the partnership has made their first three bids at the 1 level. Briefly, 2D is an artificial game force and 2C is a relay to 2D, either to sign off or to describe an invitational hand. It's an extension of two-way New Minor Forcing to any rebid at the one level by opener, instead of just 1NT.

  • Ok. Thank you so much. That is very helpful and so kind of you to answering Commented May 12 at 7:02

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