I thought that this one was pretty simple, but the argument got heated after multiple instances of challenging the rule that a thief can only steal something tangible, like weapons/potions/etc. The notion that a thief could steal your title is akin to (according to my argument) stealing someone's job.

What's the verdict?

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Thieves can only steal Items. An Item either has a gold piece value or "No value" printed in the corner. Really Impressive Title has neither of these, so it is not an Item, so it can't be stolen.

Note that in earlier editions of Munchkin, this card was actually misprinted, and confusingly did in fact say "No Value". Per the official Errata, this is corrected in the 19th printing:

Corrected Errata

Corrected in the 19th Printing

Really Impressive Title is not an item, so it should not say "No Value"

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    And there you have the basis of my argument. The big rock, aside from being next to useless, does serve an important purpose in distinguishing items of tangible and intrinsic value.
    – yurisich
    Feb 11, 2012 at 14:23

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