If a moving gate (from the Lurker at the Threshold expansion) would move into a vortex in Dunwich, what happens? My best guess is that, since the rules say it moves as a normal monster, it moves into the vortex, and, like a monster, adds a horror token to the track.

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Moving gates cannot move onto Vortexes.

From a post on Fantasy Flight's forum:

Gates can't enter Vortexes. In this situation, the vortex is treated like an open gate, and gates can't move onto gates.

If a gate has to move into a vortex, it just stays in place instead.

I do not believe that the answerer, Tibs, is an official representative of Fantasy Flight. However, he has nearly 4000 posts in their Arkham Horror forums and seems to have a very good grasp upon the rules.


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