I'm playing a Magic race AND I have picked up The Scepter of Avarice. If I put them both (and use the Magic Token as a second Scepter) in the same region do I get 4 coins? If I am the Shrooms and I put them both in a Mushroom Forest do I get 8? What if I control the Diamond Mines and they are in a Mushroom Forest as well? Is that 16?


There is no possibility of using 2 Scepter's of Avarice in the same area.

From the FAQ:

Q. May I use the Bag o'Many Things to duplicate the power of a Relic in a region where that Relic already is? For example, may I use the Bag on the Scepter of Avarice to quadruple my region's income?

A. No. The power of a Relic cannot be duplicated in a region where that power already applies.

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