I am creating a Red-White commander deck using Gisela as my commander. I noticed that my deck is incredibly weak against a deck with any sort of indestructible creature. I know of the board sweeper Terminus, but I was wondering if red/white has any other tricks up its sleeve to get rid of tricky creatures. I'm looking for both sweepers and target-specific cards.

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    Rolling back the title. This isn't our canon question on removing indestructible creatures as it and its answers are - and always have been - focused on red and white. Changing the title doesn't change that, nor is it appropriate as it's significantly changing the meaning of the question. If there is to be a canon question about removing indestructible creatures for any and all colours, that needs to be asked in a new question. This question does convey typically helpful information, but that information can just resurface in the canon question. Sep 16, 2014 at 23:33
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    @doppelgreener Agreed - the edited title didn't even match the body of the question, let alone the original intent or the answers. If the idea was to turn it into a generic question, it wasn't even a good attempt at it.
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There are a variety of general answers for indestructible permanents:

  1. Exile effects, which are your real bread-and-butter for all kinds of removal.
  2. Toughness-reducing effects against creatures.
  3. Sacrifice effects.
  4. "Tuck" (move to library) effects.
  5. Bouncing permanents (temporary).
  6. Stealing permanents: the indestructible thing isn't a problem if you control it, right?
  7. Ability- and action- restricting cards like Pithing Needle and Pacifism, if all you're worried about is disabling a card rather than removing it from the battlefield.

White is probably the strongest color for dealing with indestructible permanents after they've resolved. Some of your options are:

In red:

Colorless cards worth noting:

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    Don't forget Faith's Fetters in there with Pacifism! :)
    – Affe
    Jun 5, 2012 at 19:06
  • Excellent list! Oblation is another one I'd include, with similar power and utility to Chaos Warp.
    – Brian S
    Nov 15, 2013 at 20:04

Apocalypse , Path to Exile, Swords to Plowshares, Crib Swap, Parallax Wave, Archon of Justice, Witch Hunter, Evangelize, Helm of Possession, Preacher, Tariff, Warp World, ...

The most effective answer is to learn to use the Gatherers Advanced Search to search for keywords in the rules sacrifice, exile, gain control, then exclude cards that are not red, white, or colorless*. You will get some false positives, but it is a start.

Like so: Color=NOT(B|U|G) AND Text=Exile+Target+Creature

Like so: Color=NOT(B|U|G) AND Text=Sacrifices+Target+Creature

Like so: Color=NOT(B|U|G) AND Text="Gain Control of Target Creature"

  • @shujaa, I actually added the searches. I thought I did it originally, but was having issues with creating multiple (OR x,y,z) AND (OR a,b,c). It might be the case that Gatherer doesn't support that sort of search/syntax (or I just suck)
    – user1873
    Aug 1, 2013 at 20:31

Although toughness reduction is not particularly white or red (which does gets +/- effects, though), you could look at creatures with Wither or Infect. In control-stealing, red has many temporary stealing spells and effects with stuff like Act of Treason, Blind with Anger, Grab the Reins, Mark of Mutiny, Threaten, Tibalt, Traitorous Blood, Zealous Conscripts... White has the non-time limited Preacher, though.


The answers here were all correct at the time, but there have been new cards printed that I believe are worth adding. Three newer cards specifically remove the ability indestructible, they are:

The first two are playable in your Boros deck, the third being green is not, but all three specifically remove indestructible.

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