My opponent attacks with a 3/3. I block with my 1/1 Llanowar Elves, and have all of my land tapped from my last turn. Can I now tap my Llanowar Elves after it has been declared as a blocker to play Giant Growth on it, make it 4/4 until end of turn, and destroy my opponent's attacking creature when damage is dealt?

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Yes, this works just fine. Once a creature is declared as a blocker, it remains a blocker until it is specifically removed from combat (e.g. Regeneration) or the battlefield (e.g. Cloudshift).

One thing to note: once a creature is blocked, it remains blocked even if the blocker is removed before damage is dealt. This works great against lifelinkers, since they deal no damage to a creature that is no longer there. It works less well on tramplers, since they just deal all their damage to the player instead.

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    I am not 100% sure on the latest rules of magic but, do tapped blockers deal damage? I know there was a point in the game when they did not. The question specifically asks this
    – Andrey
    Jun 14, 2012 at 13:26
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    Tapping a creature that is blocking does not remove it from combat or prevent any damage. This was settled in the 6th Edition revision, around 1999 I believe.
    – Hyppy
    Jun 14, 2012 at 14:23
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    In previous editions the Llanowar Elf in this situation would have not dealt damage (but would have survived). Would have become effectively a 0/4 creature.
    – Yaztromo
    Jun 21, 2012 at 20:24

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