Using the Agricola family ruleset, when a card specifically refers to "minor improvements" (for example "After family growth, play a minor improvement"), do I ignore it or interpret it as "play a Major improvement"?


The rules are pretty clear, the Minor Improvement cards are not used, so you ignore it.

Agricola as a Family Game (for 1-5 people from 10 years)

In the simplified version of Agricola, the Occupation and Minor Improvement cards are not used - players do not have a hand of cards.

The first game board is turned face down, showing the "Agricola Family Game" side, and in a 3-5 player game only the "Family Game" Action cards are used.

The Major or Minor Improvement action is restricted to Major Improvements.

Otherwise, the rules are the same as for the full game.

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  • I didn't think the rules were clear on this point though. A line could have been added to the rules to deal specifically with that card. – dwjohnston Dec 14 '15 at 1:24

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