Recently I discovered the Decktet playing card pack, and have been enjoying the way that suits and ranks combine to make for some very clever games. However, I think I would be able to use better strategies if I could remember what cards existed!

I have noticed that the basic deck contains one card of each rank/suit combination, and that the extended deck contains two pawns and two courts of each suit, along with The Excuse.

I was wondering if there was some further logic behind the card arrangement, or some easy way to remember that there is, e.g., a nine of moons/suns, an eight of moons/suns, but no seven of moons/suns.


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I don't think there is any particular logic to the suit distribution in the Decktet. A quick search of BoardGameGeek didn't turn up any comments by P.D. Magnus (the designer of the Decktet, who is active in their forums) on the distribution either. I haven't been able to commit the distribution to memory, but if you want to, this is what you would need to memorize:

Chart of suit combinations by rank

Table showing pairwise suit combinations, and which ranks they apply to

These are taken from the Decktet Charts and tables pdf available here.

Another useful view of which combinations of suits are most prevelent:

HenryBlatbugIII's chart of card distribution from BGG

This is an image by HenryBlatbugIII from BoardGameGeek.

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    +1 Thanks very much - these are good summaries. I found another image which may also be useful, which I'll post once I find it again!
    – tttppp
    Nov 6, 2012 at 8:27

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