I'm trying to find a board game which I knew when I was a kid. Nobody let me play it.

It's played in the Middle East. It has oil pipelines to link territories, oil tanker ships, perhaps an oil drill, dictator (a hand), artillery (tank), a head piece (sorry I don't remember what it is), and if I'm not wrong it has a king and a warrior or spy too. I don't remember if it had money, dice, etc.

The objective, if I remember correctly, was to gain power, economy control, etc. It has some similarities to Risk and Diplomacy.


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With help from Pat Ludwig's answer I found out the right game.

It's The Game of Nations.

Board Pieces

This game probably was release to exploit the first oil big crisis in 1972. Good to know that the world changed :-)

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I have a couple guesses, I'm not sure either matches everything you listed though.

Oil: The Great Adventure

alt text


alt text

A couple GeekLists may have what you are looking for if I missed the mark.


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