Looking for a good board game for 2 players. We currently have Flux, Killer Bunnies, Settlers of Catan, but these are most fun with 4 to 6 players.

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There are a lot !

If you are into pure strategy (like chess, you know)… You have:

  • Chess (duh)
  • Gipf project (6 games with similar strategies but not quite the same).
  • Lots of games by Gigamic, like Quoridor, Quixo, Quarto, …
  • A whole lot more of games! Most of strategy games are for 2 players.

If you are willing to play on a more hasardeous and/or communication and/or second-guessing games:

  • Mr Jack, where one has to find who is the bad guy and the other one tries to make that bad guy escape from the board (and eventually from the table ;-P)
  • Kahuna, where each player creates bridges between islands, each majority wins the island, the player with the most islands win.
  • Forbidden Island, a cooperative game for 2-4 players, where a team tries to get all the statues off an Atlantis island before it dives into the abbyss.
  • War of the Ring, a very complex and long game where the evil and good forces of Middle-Earth fight for the victory. I personnally developped some skills in explaining the rules, it now takes only 2h30 for me to do so. Just saying.
  • Even a lot more…

There are a bunch of games for 2 players, as you can see. I suggest that you precise what kind of game you like, so I can tell you more about a cretain category of 2 players game.

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