My friends and I have had disagreements about how one particular kind of production power works in Race for the Galaxy: powers that involve drawing cards for each good produced, e.g.

Diversified Economy:

draw 1 card for each kind of good you produced this phase

Research Labs:

draw 1 card for each Alien technology good you produced

When combined with powers that produce goods on windfall planets, such as the power of the Produce action card itself, do you draw cards for goods produced using the 'produce on windfall' powers?

In part it is that I don't understand what "no power can interrupt another" means in the RFTG rulebook and also because online versions of the games vary with how this applies.


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Yes, you draw a card regardless of what kind of world the good was produced on. The rulebook mentions, (page 7) under Produce, that players who choose Produce get to "produce" a good on one Windfall world. It also gives an example of a special power that produces goods on windfall worlds. Since Research Labs draws cards for each good of a specific kind produced, and the rules indicate that goods on windfall worlds can be "produced" either as a bonus based on a players chosen action or card effects, you draw a card regardless of whether that good was produced on a halo/solid world.

Players who chose Produce, as a bonus, produce a good (if possible) on one of their windfall worlds that does not already have a good.

Some cards, such as Genetic Labs, can also produce goods on windfall worlds (without goods).

What does "no power can interrupt another" mean?

What is meant here, is that you should resolve a power/effect completely before applying the results of another power/effect. Example: If you have an Alien world (yellow) that allows you to Discard a Card to produce an Alien good, but you have no cards in hand and no way to produce yellow goods. You could draw cards from Diversified Economy (for producing goods on other worlds), and then discard one of those cards to produce an Alien good. This would not entitle you to draw another card from Diversified Economy for producing another kind of good, because you already resolved it's effects. If you control a Research Labs as well though, you could draw a card from it's power by resolving it's effect after Diversified Economy and the "Discard to Produce Good" effect of the Alien world.

  • Oh nice explanation of that last part, power interruption
    – quinestor
    Nov 30, 2012 at 15:56

Yes. Those powers apply to all goods that are produced on your worlds, regardless of how they are produced.

  • You got this from the rulebook?
    – quinestor
    Nov 30, 2012 at 12:18
  • Not as such. There is no division between "produced" and "windfall" worlds, so all goods count as "produced". It's just that production (i.e. non-windfall) worlds have a "produce a good" power.
    – Johno
    Nov 30, 2012 at 13:54
  • Argh! There is no division between "produced" and "windfall" GOODS
    – Johno
    Nov 30, 2012 at 14:00

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