I have a couple of questions about the spawning of zombies inside opened buildings in Zombicide.

1) When an actor opens a door, should we draw a zombie card for every room of the building, or just one per building?

2) If the players begin the game inside a building, are there zombies in it?

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1) One per room.

2) No.

Quoting rules summary:

Opening the first door in a building (except the start area) generates Zombies in each zone. For each zone, draw a Zombie card and place them accordingly.

  • Failing to spawn zombies for each room when opening the first door of a building is one of the major causes of the game being too easy.
    – KatieK
    Jan 11, 2013 at 23:14

From the rule book (page 8) under the Opening a Door heading, you draw one card for each room (aka Zone).

Opening the first door of a building reveals all Zombies which are inside. Point to each Zone of the building, one after the other, drawing a Zombie card each time. Place the corresponding number of Zombies on the correct Zone (see Zombie's turn).

From the FAQ (page 1), no Zombies spawn in the starting building.

Q: Should I draw a Zombie card when opening the door of the building containing the Player starting area?



1) One Per Room

2) No

Keep in mind this only applies to the first time an area is revealed. So if a player re-seals a door via the "Lock It Down" skill and you open it again later, you will not spawn more zombies.

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