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Identical creatures entering the battlefield [duplicate]

If I have two cards called Sin Collector in hand and I play my first, Sin Collector (A). I use its triggered ability. "When Sin Collector enters the battlefield, target opponent reveals his or ...
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Does Goblin Arsonist's ability deal 2 damage when there are two in play? [duplicate]

Does having two Goblin Arsonist on the battlefield cause their ability to deal 2 damage when one dies?
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Can two Skinshifters affect each other? [duplicate]

If I have two Skinshifters in play, can I use the ability of one to affect the other? For instance, if one of my Skinshifters has Ice Cage on it, can I use the other Skinshifter's ability to morph ...
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Does an ability that refers to the name of the ability’s card have to refer to that instance of the card? [duplicate]

The Question: I believe I’m right here, but I wanted to get some consensus before I rely on it in a game: Can I apply the ability: "{U}: Untap Soliton" to a different Soliton than the one ...
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Is the ability of Sphinx of New Prahv cumulative? [duplicate]

The passive ability says Spells your opponents cast that target Sphinx of New Prahv cost {2} more to cast. If I have two copies in play, does the opponent has to pay {4} extra to target one Sphinx ...
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In MTG what happens when you have multiple Aberrant Researcher in play? [duplicate]

Aberrant Researcher: At the beginning of your upkeep, put the top card of your library into your graveyard. If it's an instant or sorcery card, transform Aberrant Researcher. Considering I had two ...
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Activated ability that share a name [duplicate]

If i have two Vector Asp's on the battlefield and I attack with both. If I use the ability, "{B}:Vector Asp gains infect until end of turn", do I have to pay twice (once for each attacking Vector Asp) ...
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RAW v. RAI concerning enumerated card names [duplicate]

Let’s say I have 2 Elvish Visionaries on the battlefield. I resolve a third EV with the other two alive. The two other EVs have the card text, “When Elvish Visionary ETB, draw a card”. Will the third ...
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Would exiled cards from Gorex be usable after it dies? [duplicate]

I'm curious how a card like Gorex, the Tombshell works when it says "choose a card at random exiled with Gorex". Take a deck with 4 Gorex in it, does each one only pull from the creatures ...
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How do multiple copies of creatures with activated abilities interact? [duplicate]

Anointed Chorister has the activated ability: {4}{W}: Anointed Chorister gets +3/+3 until end of turn. If I have two or more copies of this creature in play on the battlefield and pay the cost to ...
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What does the game consider being the same instance of a card?

I control one Synod Sanctum, exile some permanents with it, and then my opponent destroys it without me being able to use its returning ability. If I later on draw another Synod Sanctum, can I return ...
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Does Rayami's ability still function if it is in a mutate stack?

How do abilities that refer to their cards' names work when the name is changed, or the ability is "stolen" by a card with a different name? Rayami, First of the Fallen has two abilities: If a ...
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MTG Returning lands at upkeep

I have a card that says: "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this card unless you return a land you control to its owner's hand." If I have two of these on the battlefield, do I ...
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Using Huatli, Radiant Champion ability on another Huatli, Radiant Champion

Say I already have a Huatli, Radiant Champion out. If I cast a second Huatli, Radiant Champion can I use the original Huatli's plus 1 ability to target the new Huatli? Or does the original, or ...
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Copying Etrata, the Silencer, but not its name

If I copy Etrata, the Silencer, but not its name as in the case of Lazav, the Multifarious; will its copied abilities work since Etrata's ability states "When Etrata deals damage" and Lazav doesn't ...
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