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From which expansion is this magic the gathering card? [duplicate]

From which expansion is this magic the gathering card?
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In MTG I have a Fear card [duplicate]

How can I find out what type of expansion my fear card is from since it's either Summer Edge or Alpha. Anyway's for me to find out from what expansion it is from?
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How can I translate a Magic card printed in a language that I don't know?

I bought a bulk pack of magic cards today and one of them was in a foreign language. I don’t know which language it is. Google translate is not recognizing it, even when I take a picture of it. How ...
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Where can I sell my Magic: The Gathering cards?

I played for quite a few years and have a ton of cards that I want to get rid of. I have a mix of all editions before 2007. 7th, 8th, etc... So the question is where can I sell them effectively. And ...
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Inherited thousands of Magic Cards

I have inherited over 20,000 Magic cards. What is the best way to find out what they are worth for selling. Do I need to look up each card? How? Where?
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How should I determine whether a deck is legal in a particular format?

I have a list of cards for a deck I want to build or buy. What should I do to check whether that deck is legal in a particular format (Standard, for example)?
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What's the most efficient way of determine individual card values for my collection?

With an extremely large variety of Magic: The Gathering Cards that exist out there from so many sets and a loose definition of utility and value in the game, it's often hard to gauge a card's ...
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How do I identify non-English Magic cards? [duplicate]

In my collection is a Magic card printed in a language other than English. How can I determine which card this is?
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How to tell rarity of old magic cards?

How do you tell the rarity level (common, uncommon, rare) of old magic cards? (Alpha, beta, unlimited, revised)
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Why do cards from Alpha have to be in opaque sleeves?

In this answer the tournament rules are quoted: 3.3 Authorized Cards [...] Players may use cards from the Alpha printing only if the deck is in opaque sleeves. Why is this? As far as I remember ...
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MTG: What set is Seelenruhe (Tranquility in German) from?

I recently picked Magic: The Gathering back up after a 15 year lapse. Currently making my way through what seems like a thousand cards from my childhood and entering them into a card database at ...
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Where can I find a list of Magic expansions?

I always have problems to remember expansions. I am looking for a cheat sheet list of all Magic expansion with symbol, name, year, border color and translated name (to french). Where can I find it?
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