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How much would it cost to get started with Magic: The Gathering?

I've heard a lot (of good things) about this game and I'm interested in exploring it; however, I'm slightly worried about the initial cash investment involved. About how much would it cost to get ...
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Is it possible to jump back into MTG after 20 years away? [closed]

So I haven't played any Magic the Gathering since the Ice Age expansion and now I have a friend who is interested in playing. If I'm interested in playing where is a good starting point? I am ...
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Do pre constructed decks refresh standard rotation? [duplicate]

I'm a starting player, so I'll be getting the Fate Reforged Clash Pack coming next week to hopefully get playing into Standard. I get this clash pack can be made into a BG Dredge deck, which seems ...
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Where are official changes announced by Wizard? [duplicate]

At events and on conversation boards everyone is has stated that as Khans comes out M14 and the Return to Ravnica block is going to be rotating out of standard. I can't find any reason this would ...
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Are older copies of current standard-legal reprints playable again? [duplicate]

As far as I know, standard format allows cards released within the last two year before the release of the current edition e.g. for now, Rivals Of Ixalan. During the Ixalan edition, there was a new ...
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How do I know what cards or sets are legal to play with? [duplicate]

Can I mix older Magic the Gathering cards with cards from Magic 2015? If I have mainly Magic 2015 cards can I play my friends who mainly have older decks?
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Can I use a card from Eighth Edition in Modern Format? [duplicate]

If I'm playing Modern Format, can I use an Eighth Edition Air Elemental?
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Does Standard Type 2 Rules applies for lands? MTG [closed]

Does Standard Type 2 Cycling Rules applies for lands too? Those lands that generates two, three manas for example?
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Magic the gathering deck foundation [duplicate]

I have 800 cards dated between 2004 up to 2011.... Is it cool to to build a deck from a variety of sets? Trying to get into mtg and need a boost of knowledge.
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Legal Combo in Modern? [duplicate]

I came across a great milling combo, however before I invest in the deck, I wanted to make sure it's legal. A rep at my LGS thinks not, but I wanted a 2nd (and more) opinion. Turn #1: Land + 1 ...
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How can you distinguish a "Standard" Card fro a "Modern" Card? [duplicate]

I recently played in a Standard draft at Friday night magic and I was informed that there are certain specific sets of cards that can be used in Standard. I am aware that Modern includes all standard ...
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