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Who won this Texas Hold’em hand? [duplicate]

Since both players have the same pair, should it go down to the suits, or are they supposed to split the pot?
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Which of these full houses wins? [duplicate]

In Texas Holdem: Player one has: 1, 5 Player two has: 9, 9 The community cards are: 1, 5, 5, 9, 6 Both players have a full house. Which player wins?
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Hold 'em tie with 2 people [duplicate]

Player 1 has A 8; Player 2 has A 9. Community cards are A K 7 4 4. Does player 2 win with a 9 kicker? Or is the K the kicker for both resulting in a tie?
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In case of same card in both player [duplicate]

Suppose two players in a game of poker (assume Texas Hold'em) have cards with the same values. For example, Player A and Player B have the cards 4 & 9. The board shows a 2,3,4,7, and 8 face up. ...
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Full house on table full house in hand [duplicate]

Ok scenario: 8 9 8 9 9 on table. Player 1 has 8/4 in hand. Player 2 has K/2 in hand. Who wins? I personally say split since table has higher full house. Am I right?
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Deciding winner with flush on table (Texas Hold em no limit) [duplicate]

I am creating my own poker game prototype as a hobby project. The game calculates the combinations every player has and decides a 5 card hand to be used when calculating a winner if players have the ...
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Who would win? Texas Holdem [duplicate]

Card Scenario in Texas Holdem Player 1 has... Q♥ and 4♠ Player 2 has... J♥ and 5♣ The community cards are ♠A, Q, 8, 7, 3 (I hope I explained it right) Can someone help?
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Why is Royal Flush ever listed separately from Straight Flush?

Many sources explicitly list Royal Flush as the highest poker hand (example). This seems unnecessary - it's the highest hand anyway as the highest Straight Flush. When presenting a ruleset, ...
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Why does this player not have a straight?

I'm relatively new to poker so bare with me. Community cards: J, Q, K, 2, 4 P1: A,6 P2: Q,Q A site determined that P2 won with three of the kind. Is this wrong? How does player P1 not win with a ...
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Two players have a straight to the 8 [closed]

Bob had a straight to the 8 and Alice had a straight the 8, Bob had a 4 & Queen, Alice had a 8 & Jack. Who wins?
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Texas Hold em question [duplicate]

First player has Ace Seven. Second player has Ace Seven. Third Player has pocket Jacks. Community cards are A J 5 5 5. What is the winning hand in this situation?
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