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Is Chess with more than three players exists or would be playable? [closed]

Chess board as a function of the number of players: 2 players - 8x8 square board 3 players - a special hexagonal board 4+ players - theoretically a (players * 2) gonal board. First Question: Does ...
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Why is this move illegal?

I'm trying to learn 3-D chess by playing Parmen against the computer. I've read the tournament rules and am fairly confident I've got a good, basic understanding of the game. However, in my first ...
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Tri-dimensional board games: How does the additional dimension extend possible player requirements & game structure?

Recently I saw the Star Trek chess game in a serial and looked it up on wikipedia. It exists as a real game, but it seems it's not too popular, too tricky, too unwieldy to carry and play everywhere, ...
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