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A two-player strategy board game

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Is abalone still a draw when played with more than 14 marbles per player?

After reading the Wikipedia page for abalone, I realized that the regular abalone is solved as a forced draw. This led me to question, does there exist an arrangement with more marbles and/or a larger ...
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How many possible starting moves are there in Abalone?

I have not found a listing or reference to the initial number of moves. I believe there are 44, but I'm not sure if this list is complete:
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Is there a website where I can play against AI in the board game Abalone? [closed]

I'm looking for something like this except online and with AI I can play against. If it's free, that's even better.
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Abalone Migration

Abalone is a 2-player board game. Here's a brief explanation from Wikipedia: The board consists of 61 circular spaces arranged in a hexagon, five on a side. Each player has 14 marbles that rest in ...
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