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The quality of games able be played properly by people with disabilities such as visual, motor or cognitive.

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2 answers

What options are available to make Diplomacy accessible to a blind player?

I'd like to include a player who is blind in a game of Diplomacy, and am wondering about options to make the game more accessible. One possible complication is that this is a classroom simulation ...
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Is Splendor accessible to those with red-green color-blindness?

I was recently discussing Splendor with a friend who in turn has a friend who's colorblind, and my friend was wondering whether his friend would be able to play the game. Color-coding shows up in ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Game for a blind person [closed]

A friend of mine is blind and she said she'd love to play something. And she meant something non-trivial. Do you know any games where you actually don't need to see? I thought about diplomacy kind of ...
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Is it practical for the visually-impaired to play in casinos?

When I play games (causally) that involve face-up cards across a table (hold 'em, blackjack, etc), I usually have to either ask that the cards be placed closer to the center (toward me), particualrly ...
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