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For questions about aesthetic aspects of games, such as • why one may find one of two equally effective plays more satisfying • what, in the culture of the game, is regarding as the most pleasing way to use the equipment • what equipment looks best. Avoid questions that can only be answered with private opinions of community members: answers should be backed up by convention or tradition or other widely accepted criteria.

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13 votes
2 answers

What is “looking for a place to resign” in go?

In a number of commentaries on professional games I have read that one of the players was “looking for a place to resign”. My impression was that this meant that they considered the game lost, and ...
7 votes
2 answers

How can I create that sharp, intense sound when placing a stone?

No matter the material (board, stones) being used, pros are able to create a very sharp, loud, intense and beautiful sound when placing a stone (which immediately sits perfectly placed on its ...
14 votes
4 answers

Why are the boards not square?

I noticed gobans are not square, but rectangular. Why is that, and what is the correct orientation of the board when playing?
19 votes
3 answers

Why are stones placed with index and middle finger?

I have read that stones should be picked out of the bowl and placed on the board by pinching them between the tips of the index and middle finger. This seems to be a long-standing tradition. Is this ...