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A Moorish-flavored tile-placing game where tiles are bought with money - and buying with exact change is better. Points are scored at three distinct points in the game, so timing your purchases is useful. (2-6 players, 60 minutes)

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How do I score rounds 2 and 3 when I am the only player with a kind of building?

Last night at the end of round 2, I was the only player with any Pavilion tiles in my Alhambra. First place gets 8 points, second place gets 1 point. How do I score this? Do I get all 9 points? Or ...
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Do you restock hand cards at the end of each turn? Different language editions seem to have different rulings

Do you restock hand cards at the end of each turn, yes or no? We've always played it so you restock your hand to four cards, as is explicitly stated in the Dutch rules. Other languages aren't as ...
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When should I choose to redesign my Alhambra?

My family and I have played several games of Alhambra now, and while we're still relative beginners, we've noticed that we rarely if ever choose to redesign our Alhambras (move tiles to or from our ...
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I have the Alhambra base set only, in which order should I buy the expansions?

I have the Alhambra base game, and now I'm curious about the expansions: In what order would you suggest I buy the expansions? What does each one add to the game? How do the added components affect ...
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How Do You Catch A Player Who Takes A Quick Lead In Alhambra?

I really enjoying playing Alhambra, but I'm a bit worried that my strategy may be overly simplistic. Basically, I play according to the following principles: Try not to build buildings unless I can ...
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