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A fantasy miniatures game involving slaying the vampire lord and becoming the ruling guild of Arcadia

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Rules for Dazed in Arcadia Quest

What (and where) are the rules for Dazed heroes and monsters in basic Arcadia Quest? I know I've read them, but I can't seem to find them hunting through the rule book.
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Masmorra conversion cards

I know in the Kickstarter for Masmorra there was a stretch goal (met) that provided cards to convert Masmorra heroes to be playable in Arcadia Quest. I was at CMON Expo recently and obtained several ...
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Can big miniatures share their square in Arcadia Quest?

Normally, at most two miniatures can occupy a square. Some miniatures are larger than others. Do the larger miniatures such as the minotaur fill a square by themselves, or can they share the square ...
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AQ Hobsbawm ability clarification

Did his ability get updated? The hero card that I have in my core set states that the player can only activate another hero within line of sight but the hero card online at the arcadia quest website ...
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AQ Prince Aaron ability clarification

Prince Aaron's ability reads All Enemies Close to him have -2 defense against attacks made by him or his Allies. Does -2 defense mean -2 defense dice that the target gets to roll or does it mean ...
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