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A publisher of wargames and strategy games.

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How Closely Did Afrika Korps simulate the actual campaign conditions?

My understanding is that the Afrika Korps game parameters give the Germans and British about equal chances to win, that is, 50-50. Were the relative chances actually about 50-50 in real life? If not, ...
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Avalon Hill Gladiator

Recently got my hands on this old gem, but the rules are a bit vague on some points. When doing the defence action, do I defend only that combat phase or all of them? Do I need to specify what area I ...
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Can Romanians be placed in Finland in Stalingrad?

In Avalon Hill’s classic game Stalingrad, may Romainan units be placed in Finland at the start of the game as part of the 8 Combat factors that can be placed in Finland by the Germans?
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What's the most valuable Avalon Hill wargame?

From a collector's point of view, what is the most valuable wargame published by Avalon Hill? I'm not interested so much in prices as in knowing if there's a "Holy Grail" in Avalon Hill's wargames ...
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