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The sheriff and his deputies are trying to kill the outlaws, the outlaws are trying to kill the sheriff, and the renegade is trying to be the last one standing. But no one knows who the other players are...

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13 votes
3 answers

Can a Barrel block Gatling?

Can a barrel (or the character whose power emulates a barrel) be used to attempt to mitigate the Bang! effect from a Gatling card?
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12 votes
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Can You Shoot Yourself in Bang?

Our group does like a bit of Bang!, but one of the problems we have with it is this: there's no reliable way to guess how long a game of it is going to take, which, combined with the fact that players ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Character Specials Triggering on Non Bang Cards?

Several of the characters in the game have special rules that allow them to do things when they are damaged. For example, one character, when "damaged by another player" may then draw a card from ...
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Bang! Elimination Award For Henry Block and Backfire

Two similar questions: If an outlaw with 1 health left targets another player and that player plays backfire which causes the outlaw to be eliminated, does the player who played backfire draw 3 cards?...
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