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A semi-cooperative board game that involves players investigating a haunted house. As they explore and discover items, they also start to discover strange omens. After enough omens have been discovered, one of fifty scenarios shapes the remainder of the game, often involving one of the characters revealing themselves as a traitor.

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If a Hero makes a Speed/Sanity/other non-Might attack, when does the Traitor reveal that the target lacks that trait and can't be attacked that way?

This came up in a game involving Haunt 23, Tentacled Horror. (Spoilers will be kept to a minimum.) There are multiple different types of monsters in that Haunt: some of them have a Sanity trait, and ...
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Betrayal at House on the Hill - Scenario 50 - Do the Clue Tokens drop when a character dies?

During this haunt, the adventures collect clue tokens. According to the haunts special rules, the clues can be Traded, like any other item Stolen, like any other item Do they 'drop' in an item pile ...
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Haunt requires adding a room, but it will seal off a floor. What do I do?

In Betrayal at House on the Hill, there is a rule saying that you can't add a tile if it would close off the floor: Can I Seal Off a Floor by Placing a Tile? You can’t place a tile in such a way that ...
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Can I use the Idol during other player's turns?

If I have the Idol in Betrayal at House on the Hill, can I use it on someone else's turn, say in a defensive roll? Or is it just for your turn? If I used it on someone else's turn can I also use it on ...
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How does the Dog companion work and what is its benefit?

When given the Dog Companion it says: Take a small monster token to represent the Dog. Put it in your room. (Use a token of a different color from other monsters, if any.) Once during your ...
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What happens to companions when a player dies?

In Betrayal at House On the Hill, we had a player who died while having custody of the Madman. The Madman omen card states that it can't be "dropped, traded, or stolen", which are actions you can do ...
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Attacking someone that is using the Ring

The person holding the ring was being attacked by a werewolf. They claimed that since they were holding the Ring, the werewolf and the hero have to roll for Sanity instead of Might. I thought that ...
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Can you combine the Ring and the Revolver to attack?

Can you combine the Ring and the Revolver to attack? One of the heroes was attacking with a line of direct sight with the Revolver and was using the +1 die bonus from the Revolver. They also had the ...
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