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When betting, a player demand a prize from other players on some future condition that they believe will become true, while offering a prize to other players in case such condition does not become true.

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What is the name of this two player card game for betting?

There is a two-player game in Sri Lanka using the French card deck. One of the players shuffles the deck and the second player bets for a card value (without the suit). If the requested card value ...
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Mahjong Betting Rules

Have been playing Mahjong for over 45 years and played today with a lady who filled in and we had a discussion regarding payout for betting. For purposes of this question: Playing with 4 players at ...
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What are the Blackjack rules used in Atlantic City casinos?

I understand that Blackjack in Atlantic City casinos is regulated by the state and that they determine the rules of Blackjack that all the casinos must adhere to. Specifically, I would like to know: ...
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Adding money to a game of Risk

A friend and I recently had a conversation around making a set of rules for a buy-in variant on Risk, and I wanted some help from experienced players to review them as they stand now. Risk is not a ...
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When to make a small bet in two-player Haggis?

In the game of Haggis, you can make a big bet (30 points) or a small bet (15 points). I've always wondered what the use is of making a 15 point bet instead of 30. If you're pretty sure that you're ...
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