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A geometric game (2-4 players, 20 minutes) where players attempt to place as many "polyomino" pieces as possible under some rule constraints. The last player to be able to take a turn wins.

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What is a good opening in Blokus?

I have played Blokus enough times to get a feel for the game and one thing that always bugs me is how to play the first few moves. There seem to be a couple of competing aims: Get rid of big, ...
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Is there a valid Blokus configuration where all the pieces are on the board?

Is there a configuration of Blokus pieces where all pieces of one colour touch only at the corners and not the edges, so that the pieces could actually appear that way in a Blokus game, with each ...
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Are some pieces better than others in Blokus?

Obviously the smaller pieces are generally easier to get rid of than the larger pieces, but I'd be interested to know which pieces I should aim to get rid of first, and which pieces I should save. I'...
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Is the "snake" turn order for Blokus fairer than the traditional turn order?

My friends and I play pretty much everyday. I was wondering if a snake order is actually more fair than the traditional 1-4 with the last person being at a disadvantage. Snake turn order would have ...
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Does the first piece in a standard blokus game have to have a square on a corner cell?

When a player plays his first piece, does it have to cover the corner square? For example, can one play his X piece as first piece?
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What is the minimum grid size to fit all Blokus tiles for two players?

Rules: Each player has the twelve pentominoes, five tetrominoes, two trominoes, one domino, and lone square. These may be flipped and rotated in any manner. The board on which these are to be placed ...
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