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Questions tagged [board-game-adaptations]

Adapations of boardgames to different platforms (such as computers and mobile devices), as well as to new rules or specifications outside those provided by the designer (e.g. number of players outside the 'official' range).

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2 answers

What to do when you don't have any move available?

During a game of Splendor on Board Games Arena, I reached a state where no move can be made. My timer ran out and I was expelled from the game. (source: I can't reserve a card because my ...
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Ticket to Ride Marklin vs. Germany Destination

I'm looking to recreate the Märklin version. I need a list of which destination tickets are included. Does anyone have a list, or a picture like the one I took below of Germany?
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Identify old boardgame

I found this game at my friend's parents. They said they custom made this from an old PC game (90's). But they forgot the name. Here is a picture of it. The goal is to get your pieces across the ...
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Modify Ticket to Ride to For Six or More People - Thoughts? [closed]

To get more than 5 people in on a game without having teams I was thinking about buying another set of train cars (or two or three), painting them a unique color, and then doing one of a few things... ...
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Is BGA-Studio friendly to new programmers? [closed]

I love Board Game Arena (BGA), imho, it is the best real time board games site. They have a studio where anyone can build and post new games. I tried to build a simple bidding-tic-tac-toe, however ...
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Mafia - Werewolf: Online play [closed]

Is there an online version of mafia/werewolf game that I can play with my friends. I tried to find one but there doesn't seem to be a good one.
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Telepresence Board Games

I was wondering if anyone has had any success in playing board games with remote players? I have a few friends that live too far away to make a regular game night with however they really enjoy board ...
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250gsm stock good enough for cards?

I'm creating my own version of risk and I'm now on to printing the cards. My printer can use up to 250gsm paper, but before I purchase some I want to know if it will be suitable. What is the ...
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King Of Tokyo taking control of Tokyo

The first Monster in the game to obtain at least 1 attack dice deals no damage, but instead takes control of Tokyo, and moves its figure to Tokyo City. Does it mean if I have in my 1st roll an attack ...
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The sheep and the wolves

When I was a child, I was playing a game such as the following: The game is played on a standard chessboard, but only on the black squares. There are two players: the white player has a single white ...
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Addon for Risk with cards

I remember download a file in the emule some 15 years ago, with a lot of cards that works as an addon for Risk. For e.g., one card give you terrorism so you can attack from Irak to some region in US, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

AI that plays Quoridor? [closed]

Is there a free program, preferably executable, that allow me to play Quoridor against an AI? There isn't a publicly available one for the Zillions engine, even if it doesn't seem that hard to write ...
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What boardgame comes closest to the computer game Frozen Synapse? [closed]

According to what I've read about Gunslinger it looks like both share similar game mechanics, but not having played this 1982 game I'm not sure. Does it come close to Frozen Synapse ? Or is there ...
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Looking for a board game

I once ran into a computer implementation of an old board game that seemed rather interesting, unfortunately I am unable to recall either. What I do remember: Probable Java (advertised support for ...
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how to find that 8 number puzzle is solvable or not?

I'm working on 8 number puzzle, where 8 numbers are randomly generated and placed in 9 cell board. One cell at bottom right corner is kept empty where we can swap with adjacent (top-bottom-left-right) ...
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Hex board game strategy

I was teaching myself how to play the Hex board game by reading some books. I learned how to do 2x2 and 3x3 hex games by starting at the principal diagonal. I wanted to know what the winning strategy ...
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Implementing a map exploration mechanic cheaply

I'm building a game in which players explore and steal from a castle. There needs to be an element of surprise and risk, so I've been considering a tile-based system like that used in Carcassonne. ...
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To what extent do mobile adaptations of board games change the games? [closed]

Some board games tend to have a lot of complex rules, and many also have several official variants. Sometimes the mechanics of a mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad), make implementing some rules ...
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Android Versions of Designer Board Games [closed]

Is there a good place to find out about designer board games that have been converted to the Android platform? I know about the standard popular ones like Catan and Carcassonne, but it seems like you ...
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What is the difference between the board game "Clue" and the card game "Clue"?

Obviously with the card game, there's not a board or tokens, but is the card game version just as engaging as the board game version? It would be ideal to travel with just the cards, but I'm not sure ...
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What is the best way to play with someone in another location?

I'd like to play board games with friends who live in other states. I thought I could use Skype to communicate and a webcam to send out a picture of the board. Does anyone have suggestions on how to ...
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Can You Buy a Catan Border That Fits? [closed]

"The border of the 4th edition Settlers of Catan is too small for the board hexes. To be exact, each hexagonal tile is about 79 mm wide. Five of them, end to end, form the longest stretch of land ...
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Boardgaming Online [closed]

This is a community maintained list of online resources to play boardgames with. Does anyone know of more resources for online play? Answers that address the following points would be much ...