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Custom Expansion Pack Suggestions

My dad LOVES this board game, so I decided to make him a custom expansion pack for father's day and I wanted to share some of the ideas and concept designs here in case anyone has any suggestions or ...
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Game ideas that you cannot get better at (non electronic) [closed]

Trying to find a game (non electronic) that requires you to do only one task and that you cannot get better at no matter how much you play. Game at which beginner and pro would have almost equal ...
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How fun is The Mind with two players? [closed]

I'm deciding to buy The Mind, but before that, I wish to know how fun is playing this game with only two players? Is it worth buying if you can only play with two players most of the time? I'm asking ...
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Targeted group game for 8 or 9 players [closed]

I am a graduate math student and I believe that a nice way to raise the mathematical skills of people(especially students!) is to familiarize them with games and encourage them to use their minds and ...
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Score book to keep track of games [closed]

I've seen multiple questions/answers about keeping track of all the games you and your friends play via websites and apps. However, I haven't seen any around a physical book that enables recording ...
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How to contact a moderator on [closed]

I created an account on only for my account to be frozen after my first post. While logged in, I get the message "Your user account is not permitted to perform that action." on ...
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Which games have ever been rated #1 on's Geek Rating?

What are all of the games that have ever reached the #1 rank on's Geek Rating list? The current #1 is Pandemic Legacy, and prior to that it was Twilight Struggle.
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