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Effects of board size in games that have variable boards, like Tafl and Go.

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What is the maximum number of columns and rows of cards a 2-player physical TCG layout could reasonably have?

Some TCGs have layouts of pre-defined slots in which cards are placed during gameplay. Others do not (but may or may not have limits on the number of cards which may be in play simultaneously). This ...
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How many stones for small go boards?

I know the full-size game of Go is played on a 19x19 board and comes with 181 black stones and 180 white stones. This is to accommodate filling every spot on the board with a stone. I want to know if ...
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Can I use Heroscape-style tiles in my own game designs?

I'm in the the very early stages of coming up with a game with some coworkers. I remembered how well the Heroscape tiles locked together. However, I'm not able to find any information regarding ...
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Optimal Dimensions for a Checkerboard-style board? [closed]

Let me clarify. First off: I have a sheet of paper, 8 1/2" by 8 1/2". What are the optimal dimensions (<# of squares> by <# of squares>) of a checkerboard-patterned board that I could print on ...
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Dividing up Hexagonal Board Tiles

So I'm designing a board game that uses a number of adjacent hexagonal boards. These boards need to be divided up into spaces (tiles) that players move through. I've been playing with using Hexagons ...
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Best opening moves and tricks for invented 2-player board game: Pathways [closed]

I once invented a simple 2-player game called 'Pathways'. Rules There is a n x n grid. (Generally n>=8) Players alternate turns placing one marker per turn, on any empty slot of the board. The ...
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Why do all Go board sizes have an odd number of lines? Why is a 19x19 board so much better than a 20x20 board?

Here are the number of games played on every different board sizes on DGS (Dragon Go Server): | Size | CNT | +------+--------+ | 5 | 2464 | | 6 | 466 | | 7 | 11015 | | 8 | 434 ...
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Hex board game strategy

I was teaching myself how to play the Hex board game by reading some books. I learned how to do 2x2 and 3x3 hex games by starting at the principal diagonal. I wanted to know what the winning strategy ...
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Othello on a non-square board?

Many games - such as Othello, Checkers, Chess1, and Go - are played on highly-regular, square boards. How would the game mechanic change if you played an Othello-like game on, say, a Chinese Checkers ...
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What reasons would a designer want to employ squares over hexes in a battle simulation game?

In many games I have played, initial editions (eg the 1960s version of Midway) use squares for their boards. Often, later editions (eg the 1990s edition of Midway) change to a hex pattern. Hexes get ...
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Are there standard board sizes for the industry?

I've been looking around on the internet and it seems 'quad fold' is the most common type of board. Is this true? What are the standard dimensions? Is there a comprehensive list of sizes somewhere? ...
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How does the full-size board change the game of Go?

My Go board has two playing surfaces, one big and the other small. As a Go beginner, I have been playing on the reduced size board. I assume this is recommended because it makes games shorter, and ...
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