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Boggle is a word game where players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters on a 4x4 grid.

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Does anyone know the letters used in Swedish Boggle? [duplicate]

Similar to this question, but specifically for the Swedish version Boggle: What is the dice configuration for Boggle in various languages? (
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Boggle - Letter distribution and face orientation of each die

I am making my own set of Boggle dice (standard 16 cube). How is the letter distribution set on each face of each die (all oriented the same way and facing you using the standard Boggle letter ...
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Dice with same letter on each side

I would like to surprise somebody by spelling out a phrase in Boggle. When we start playing, they will instantly recognize the phrase. When we have play in the past, the other person is virtually ...
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Boggle Jr 8 dice letters

My Boggle Jr game set has only 7 dice left (missing one die). Some of the letter cards can't be spelled out using only 7 dice. I am curious what's missing die should be. Would someone please post ...
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Convert Big Boggle to regular Boggle

I have a 5x5 Big Boggle set (in English). Is it possible to play regular 4x4 Boggle with this set by removing cubes? I'd like to remove 9 cubes and get a letter distribution that's close to the ...
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Boggle: What is the dice configuration for Boggle in various languages?

This is the dice configuration for the English Boggle: Other variants and discussions concerning letter distributions for English can be found here: The Boggle cube redesign and its effect on the ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Can I legally make a boggle variant? [closed]

Is it legal to create a boggle version that has a different name, language and rules without being sued by hasbro?
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Boggle Rules - Two same letters to make a word

Why can't we use two dices at different positions that have the same letters to make a word? For example: -DEED --> INVALID -NEON --> INVALID Why..?
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Boggle variations? [closed]

This summer we have company staying with us, and they greatly enjoy playing Boggle. I'm looking to spice things up a bit, though - any ideas for Boggle variations that we can try? There will be two to ...
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22 votes
6 answers

Ideas for handicapping strong players?

My family enjoys playing Boggle. Usually it's all adults that play, but come the holidays it's not uncommon to have elementary and junior high aged cousins, nieces, and nephews interested in playing ...
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