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Your goal in Brass is to build cotton mills, coal mines, iron works, canals, railways, ports, and shipyards, and to have them be used so that they score points. Your choices will be limited by the cards you draw, but not as much as by the plans you make. Lots of interesting detail in the historical Lancashire setting.

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Selling to external market in Brass, is benefit salary or cash?

When selling cotton to an external market the scale (if there's any left after turning the card) provides what the rules describe as "an additional amount" of between £1 to £4. It's ambiguous whether ...
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Brass: Are shipyards "industries"?

At the end of the canal phase all 'level 1 industry' tiles are removed. Does this include level 1 shipyards? If so - then why does the level 1 shipyard tile not have a canal marker on it, like all ...
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Building a shipyard during canal phase

In brass, there are only a small number of shipyards available, but it seems in the canal phase this is reduced further. There is a specific rule that says a shipyard cannot be built at the places ...
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Beginner Brass Strategies?

Inspired by all the great answers to the similar question about Power Grid, I'd love to hear some suggestions for Brass. I picked it up a little over a month ago, and we've only gotten it onto the ...
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