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A 4 player trick-taking card game where opposing partners try to either take the number of tricks they bid or prevent their opponents from doing so. When asking questions on bidding or play, please specify scoring system (Rubber, Matchpoints, IMPS, ec.), Dealer, vulnerability for both sides, full auction to the point of inquiry, and as complete a description of the visible hands as you can, including spot cards instead of x's.

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How is bridge for beginners taught in Taiwan or Italy today, Precision or another method?

I play duplicate bridge, and have recently begun studying the Precision bidding system on my own. Precision was invented by C.C. Wei in the 1960's with Truscott's assistance, and was used with great ...
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Richard Pavliceks mystery

Richard Pavlicek made a great bridge site. Here The mystery is this: Is there a bridge hand where North/South can make a grandslam in any suit, but not even ...
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When are good times to "lead dummy's first bid suit?"

This usually happens when your partner, East, doubles (and the double has no other meaning). The double may indicate one of several things. 1) East has a good tenace (e.g. AQ) behind' the dummy's suit....
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