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Card sleeves are (usually plastic) sleeves designed to fit and protect game cards.

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How to protect a card from RL damage (scratches, bends, cracks) and still play them?

I playing MTG for 17 years now. At first, I tried to protect my cards with simple thin sleeves and create/modify my deck without even considering the RL price of my cards. Now I play EDH mostly. I ...
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Identify this half matte sleeve for ThunderStone Advance?

I just more or less completed my Thunderstone Advance collection at a recent garage sale. My collection, previous to that, is not yet sleeved but the new addition to the family (ToR w/ CoB) is already ...
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How can I resolve my Dragon Shield sleeves being curved?

I've always used Dragon Shield for sleeving my decks and recently I've noticed the sleeves come slightly curved in the box. This means when I sleeve my decks they sometimes slide and fall on the floor....
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Sleeving the dollar cards in Ca$h 'n Guns where the exact sleeve size doesn't exist

I've recently received Ca$h 'n Guns (2nd edition) for my birthday, and I'm sleeving all the cards. The problem is that the "dollars" card have a very weird size (60x120 mm, or 2.36x4.72 in) and I can'...
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What GSM of paper should I use for reprinting cards to use in deck sleeves

UPDATE: Not knowing how the forum worked, I asked a question and, in retrospect, I should have provided more detail on work I had already done / was doing when it occurred to me to ask the question! ...
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What's a good way to shuffle sleeved cards?

I usually use a riffle shuffle with unsleeved cards. Riffle shuffling sleeved cards however is, uh, slightly disastrous as cards frequently get caught in the sleeve openings. What's a good way to ...
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Struggle for Catan card sizes

Hi I'm looking to buy card sleeves as a surprise for a friend who has Struggle for Catan but can't seem to find the cards' dimensions. Please help.
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Proper Sleeve size for Android Netrunner

I am trying to find the right sleeve size to get for Android Netrunner. Fantasy Flight was nice enough to put a color coded sleeve and number of packs needed for that box on the back of both the core ...
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Do we really need to leave materials below the completed structure?

According to the official rules, after completing the structure these things happen: When you complete a structure, take its Site card and tuck it underneath the top edge of your Camp so that ...
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When to use card sleeves for a board game?

Card sleeves are probably be a no-brainer for board game collectors who want to keep their games in pristine condition for as long as possible, or for CCGs where an individual card may be very ...
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How well do sleeves protect against spilled drinks?

People really like to have food around during long gaming sessions, to avoid the discomfort of hunger and dehydration. Sleeves are pretty useful for keeping crumbs and dirt off your gaming cards. ...
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Do card sleeves contain BPA?

Does anyone know if card sleeves commonly contain Bisphenol A (BPA)? And if so, which brands do, and which are BPA free? I would prefer to use BPA-free sleeves if possible. I have not had any luck ...
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