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Questions tagged [card-wars]

Card Wars is a trading card game based on Cartoon Network's Adventure Time series.

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Can player floop Ancient Scholar when no Rainbow cards in their discard pile?

In "Adventure time Card Wars Finn vs Jake" Ancient Scholar card has FLOOP ability FLOOP >>> Return a random Rainbow card from your discard pile to your hand. If you control a ...
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1 answer

Does Travelin' Farmer deal damage when owner replaces him?

In "Adventure time Card Wars Finn vs Jake" there is a Travelin' Farmer creature with description: When Travelin' Farmer leaves play, deal 1 Damage to your opponent for each card in his hand....
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2 answers

Can you play a spell on your opponent's turn?

In Adventure Time's Card Wars game (the physical card game, not the computer game), can I play a 0 action spell on my opponent's turn?
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