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A 2-player card game similar in spirit to the Cities and Knights expansion to Settlers of Catan. Players build settlements and cities on their own row of resource cards and interact via action cards as they race to accumulate 12 victory points. Takes about 90 minutes.

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Are knights a worthy investment in Catan's Card Game?

I'm still a proud owner of the 1996 Catan Card Game and have two expansions as well. While I like the artwork and the horizontal layout of the game, the gameplay doesn't flow well oftentimes. One ...
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Why are the extension cards in separate stacks?

I recently purchased several extensions for Catan card-game and noticed that the manual says to put the cards of the extensions into separate stacks at the beginning of the game. Before reading the ...
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Does the event card "Build Master" force you to put the card back under the same pile as you choose to search in?

I have a Dutch version of the Catan card-game so bear with me a little regarding translation to English. My question refers to the event card that allows both players to search through a pile and put ...
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Solitaire rules for Catan Card Game?

I want to play the Catan Card Game more often than I can find someone with the patience to play it with me. I know there are some good solitaire rules for Settlers of Catan, but are there any for the ...
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Is the luck factor indeed overwhelming in the Catan Card Game?

I recently bought the Settlers of Catan Card Game, played two partial games, and was very disappointed because of the seemingly huge importance of luck. Just about every action is based on chance: ...
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