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An expansion to Catan that adds trade routes and barbarians that try to disrupt it.

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Can roads be built with fish before my turn?

The instruction card for using fish states, “You may immediately build 1 road for free.” Does this mean I can build the road immediately, or do I need to wait for my turn as stated in the game ...
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Does the camel caravan gives points at the edge of the oasis?

In Catan Traders & Barbarian expansion, if I place a settlement at the initial point of the caravan convoy, and it has a camel going through it, does it give an additional VP or not?
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Cities produce in Traders and barbarians of Catan

In the initial setup of the Traders and barbarians expansion and scenario, we use 1 settlement and 1 city (from where the caravan head out). At this moment the city will produce only 1 resource. But ...
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Catan - Discarding fish to draw more from the supply

In The Fishermen of Catan, if a player has 7 fish tokens and a roll would have them receive more, can they discard the ones they don't want to draw the new ones?
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Does the Pirate stop fish production when playing Seafarers with Fishermen of Catan?

I know that the Robber can be placed upon the Lake hex in a normal "Fishermen of Catan" game. (see here) But when you combine it with Seafarers, does anyone know the official answer for either of ...
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What are the rules updates for Catan in the 5th edition? Are there any?

Page 6 of the new Seafarers rulebook states: "A general note on Catan rules. This is the 5th English-language edition of Catan Seafarers. Over the years, the rules have been clarified, refined, and ...
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Cities and Knights: Played to virtual deadlock

Recently I have been playing cities and knights with fish and harbor master. Victory points needed to win is 15. The last two times we have played we have basically played to a deadlock. No one ...
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Settlers Cities and Knights + Fish: Cost of a commodity

When using fish, the card states that 4 fish are used to buy a resource. What is the cost, in fish, of a commodity?
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How do fish and road building cards apply to bridges?

How many fish does it take to build a bridge? If you get a road building development/progress card how does that apply to bridges?
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How many of each fish does Traders and Barbarians have?

How many 1, 2, and 3 fish tiles are in the Traders and Barbarians expansion and Traders and Barbarians 5-6 Player extension? The most I've garnered from various web sites is that there are 20 fish ...
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Settlers of Catan for 2. Rolling the dice twice.

In playing Catan for 2 (the traders and barbarians expansion) on your turn, you roll the dice twice. Can you build or trade in between your dice rolls?
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When is the Richest Settler evaluated?

I've run into what I believe might be an edge case for the rules of the Traders and Barbarians expansion to The Settlers of Catan. I'm hoping someone might be able to clarify (preferably with ...
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